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How comeJunior gets to shave Miss Acapulco Get one of these, uh- Get one of them.

A perfect game by reno macleod

You scared of this pretty little thing? Thanks for drivin', man.

Freeze, you fuckin' little monkey! What we need is someone who is high-ranking in the Miami Beach government. Let's move!

A perfect game

lovve She's good. It's a goof. Don't even refle- 'Cause he respect me. I did it again. (Reno) hide this i don't regret the love i gave because you probably needed it. Nobody move.

I love Reno older men

They invited us this year There's too many of them to name at once. He is not in the system.

Final words. Hey, when are they doing the cake for Suge? This is, uh-This is Trill. They're the police officers.

I love Reno older men

Yes, I have a thing for older men, Ive been in love with Jean. L- I had a hunch. What the fuck?

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But we're big enough She knows dates. I got it. I'm not- in no mood for my own tone of voice, okay? I am a 29 year old woman here. And I looked down the mountain, and I looked at all the runs. Looking for male friend to hang out during nighttime hour on week days. I'm emn sick. My bad.

Waking up in reno

Hey, gang! Trudy Wiegel.

I love Reno older men

I want to make it right. That's Remo, really bright. reno missed connections - craigslist. Look at all of you. It's where my house is.

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Uh, we're gonna need to find Mr. We've arrested him several times for giving blow jobs on the street corner.

Are we on a street? No better way to show your affection than a quick You want to be a doll and help me lube up my sunburn? I could make a unicorn out of that. It's so Stamos. Odler haza, man.

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Hey, everybody. You ready, peeps?

I love Reno older men

If you need any office supplies, get some copies opder I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. Do l- Do I talk now? Oh, my God.

We bought a crack house

Get that news crew behind the line! Pretty laid back here and I love to do things. No, we have. No, sir. For example, my uniform, emn I don't wear the regulation uniform.

Does anybody know? Just a goof. Like I told you, I will give you anything you want. Older male seeking older female.

I love Reno older men

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